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Rendered mechanical design

Designs for Best Engineering Performance

Oti Ledesma

R&D Industrial D. Engineering 

Calculation | Analysis | Simulation | Mechatronics

Oti Ledesma

Oti Ledesma

R&D Industrial D. Engineering and Product Designer Engineer 

Calculation | Analysis | Simulation | Mechatronics

I am an Industrial Engineer and Product Designer,

I discovered my 3D passion when I studied engineering and that was when I decided to create my own study,  LIMONSTUDIO.


I have more than 13 years of experience in the industry and I have collaborated in different production campaigns.

Advanced Design, Simulation and Mechanical Analysis in the Aeronautical, Mechanical and Automotive Industries and processes that require a prior validation of their potential to the market, an essential function to enhance the task of the R + D + I departments.

Jose Ledesma

Design, Simulation and Mechanical Analysis in the Aeronautical, Mechanical and Automotive Industry.

Analysis, procedures of verification of pieces and assemblies using the module of Generative Structural Analysis of finite elements.

From research, conception to conception, detailing and refining the manufacturing capacity in the production process, I offer all classical, advanced and critical design services.


In the world of social media, dynamism is a must, so we are seeing more and more gifs and animated videos on social networks and websites, is there anything more dynamic than a moving image?


Motion Graphics is currently a technique that is regarded as one of the first ways to present ideas, products and projects, not for nothing videos get more and more

Attention and attention in social networks.


Thanks to this boom in animated images, we would like to introduce some animation trends today so that you can incorporate and apply them to your social media planning and Global Project Management.

Mechanical Engineering Study






Mechanical Engineering Study


Mechanical Engineering Study


Mechanical Engineering Study
About me

In 2017 I founded LIMOSTUDIO to unify my passion for design and audiovisual production.

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